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June 19, 2012
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(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

"Just go for it Geo.I'm sure yeh could get any bird yeh wanted." John drawled as he took a long drag from his cheap cigarrette. The grey smoke filtered out of his nostrils and disappeared up into the night air.
"It's not like tha'." George grumbled back before he shivered slightly. Liverpool got cold at night, freezing cold, and he'd left his jacket  at home. John took notice of the younger lads discomfort, and slung a friendly arm around his bony shoulder and pulled the lad into his chest.
"Idiot." he grunted, chiding George for forgetting the leather jacket. George stiffened for a moment, but finally decided to relax and enjoy the warmth that the older man was so graciously providing him with. He had never been this close to the infamous John Lennon before, normally it was Paul who was with John and he in the corner, alone. It was strange to be in Paul's spot, but nontheless he enjoyed it.
They sat in silence, just enjoying eachothers company and gazing at the stars. John felt content, happy that someone understood his fascination with the night sky, and George, well, he didn't know what he was feeling, but it was pleasant so it didn't matter.
"John...?"George murmured after a shooting star had streaked across the dark sky. John hummed lightly under his breath, some Elvis tune that had been stuck in his head since George had cuddled up to him, and turned his eyes to the younger lad.
"Do yeh think I'm...'andsome?" George finally asked, his face turning red in the moonlight. John quirked an eyebrow at his question and poked his tongue at his chapped lips.
"Do yeh think I'm a poof or somethin' Geo?" John exclaimed and George felt his muscular body tense underneath his.
"No no! I just-forget it John." George quickly backtracked, deciding that it would be better if he just ignored these swirling feelings. They were nothing but trouble. If John even so much as thought George had strange feelings for him, he would beat them out of him.
John relaxed again. George kept his mouth shut. The silence this time was awkward.
"I think yer beautiful." John finally said. George's eyes widened, a warm feeling spread through his stomach and traveled up to envelop his heart.
"Really? Thanks mate." George tried to sound nonchalant, like those four words didn't mean the world to him. John squeezed George's bony shoulder with his calloused hand and grinned at the boys obvious pleasure.
"Now don't think I'm goin' soft son. I'll still kick yer ass," John reminded him, and George chuckled.
"I know John." Another shiver shook George's slight body, and John clucked his tongue.
"Still cold? Maybe we should get yeh home boy. I don't want little Georgie catchin' a cold." George scowled at John's words, and stubbornly shook his head.
" 'M fine." he grunted, before he pulled himself free of John's arm. John chuckled and pulled George back into his chest, ignoring the younger lads feeble struggles against him.
"I was only teasin' lad." he murmured, before he affectionatly stroked George's brylcreemed hair. George's eyes slipped shut as John worked his hands through his thick hair, the fingers expertly rubbing the stiff gel out and leaving it limp against George's smooth forehead.
"What are yeh doin' to me hair?" George murmured happily, and John grinned.
"Workin' out all the damned brylcreem yeh put in it. Doesn't look half bad either," George's face flushed once again at John's words of praise, and those damn butterfly feelings entered his stomach once more.
"Stop bein' nice to me." George grumbled, as he suddenly pulled quickly away. John eyed him, his lips pursed, and let his hands drop into his lap.
"What are yeh talkin' about Geo?"
"Fuck John! Stop lookin' at me like tha'." George growled, as he ignored John's question completely and struggled to fight off the almost smothering feelings.
"I 'ave no idea what yer-"
"But yeh do! Yer lookin' at me with those fuckin' eyes of yers, and makin' me all confused and shit!" George shouted, and a knowing grin crept onto John's face.
"Do yeh like me George?" George gaped at John's smug face, the ability to pronounce words left him, and he stuttered for a few moments before finally, John stood and covered his mouth to silence him.
"Yer queer aren't yeh?" John murmured as he removed his hand from George's mouth and let his fingers slide down his smooth cheek. George trembled.
"N-no! J-John, what are yeh doin'?" George knew he should stop John at once, but his body wasn't listening to him any longer. The lust had overpowered his mind. He found himself leaning into John's touch, his body yearned for it.
"I knew it." John's eyes slitted, a sneer replaced the grin.
"S-stop John!" George whimpered, tears beginning to pool in his dark eyes. John grabbed hold of George's chin roughly, a cackle escaped his thin lips.
"What do yeh want then George? A kiss?" John demanded, his voice growing louder with each word until it was echoing down the empty alleyway. George tried to pull away, but John dug his fingers deeper into his skin to keep him there.
"Tell me what yeh want George."
"I want yeh t-to let m-me go!" George exclaimed, the built up tears finally pouring down his cheeks. John stared at him for a moment before releasing him quietly, and then turned his eyes to his feet.
"I'm goin' to go 'ome now." George whispered, his face coloring with shame. John didn't say anything, merely nodded his head to dismiss the lad. George opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but seemed to think better of it and instead turned and left.
"Shit." John grunted, after a few minutes of standing and staring at the spot that George had stood before. With a shout, he started to chase after the younger lad, nervous sweat poured down his back. The boy must've took off running, because he wasn't anywhere in sight.
"John!" George shrieked and a shiver of fear slithered down John's spine. He put on an incredible burst of speed and weaved in and out of empty alleyways in search of the lad. Finally he found him, laying on the cold ground with some hefty bloke ontop of him.
"Get off 'im yeh prick!" John roared, as he reached down and tore the bloke off of his mate. A flash of silver alerted John to the foul play that the man was about to use, and with practiced skill, John dodged the blow easily.
"Bastard." he grunted as his arm shot out and his fist connected hard with his nose. John could feel the cartilage and bone snap beneath his hand, then the warm wetness of blood washed over it. There was a grunt as the body fell to the concrete, and then only the sound of John's heavy breathing.
"Yeh ok son?" George nodded, his childlike eyes wide and scared. With a closer inspection, John found George had a bloody nose and a bruised cheekbone.
"T-ta' John."  George managed to whisper, his teeth rattling with shock and cold. John shrugged out of his leather jacket and gently slipped George's arms through the sleeves. With a fluid movement, John tore off his shirt and balled it up to press against George's nose.
"But John-" George tried to protest, as he shyed away from the t-shirt, but John clucked his tounge and pulled him close.
" 'M fine Geo, let's just get yeh 'ome." Although he wouldn't admit it to George, he was freezing, and the longer they stood there, the longer he would have to suffer. With no further protesting, George immediatly began to walk, but then changed his mind and stopped.
"Mum'll 'ave me 'ead if she sees me like this." his voice trembled a bit, and John couldn't tell if he was still shooken up from his encounter with the thug, or if he was just frightened of his mothers rage.
Little did he know that it was his own shirtless presence that made the lanky boy nervous.
"Stay at meh 'ouse then. Mimi won't mind." John offered, knowing fully well that she would mind.
"She doesn't like me so much." George muttered, looking uncomfortable. John chuckled, and tugged on George's sleeve to keep him walking. Mimi had told him constantly how little she cared for his group of friends, but he didn't care.
"She doesn't like anyone son, don't take it personally." George shrugged his bony shoulders, and decided to follow John home because facing his Aunt Mimi would be better than facing his over-protective mother.
The two lads scurried through the dark back alleys, taking care to avoid other Scouses and policemen who were just itching to arrest someone. John's breath was coming in short gasps, a combination of the gruelling excersize and the cold night air making it difficult to breathe properly.
When his house came into view he wheezed with happiness. George was strangely quiet as they entered his warm house, his dark eyes unreadable. John ignored George's queer silence and instead focused on tiptoeing quietly through the house, taking care to avoid the creaky steps and such.
It would be better if Mimi didn't know George was there, or how late John was coming in. She'd give him hell if she caught him sneaking up to his room.
"Hurry up George!" John hissed, already halfway up the stairs. George's eyes were glazed over, but numbly he stumbled his way up the narrow staircase and into the safety of John's small room.
"What's wrong with yeh?" John demanded after he had softly shut the door and clicked the lock into place. George shrugged, his dark eyes fixed on his scuffed up boots.
"If it's about earlier, listen, I'm sorry 'bout tha'. I can be a real prick sometimes," George waved off his apology before he slipped his shoes off and collpased onto John's bed.
"Seriously mate," John tried again, moving to go lay next to the younger lad.
" 'S fine John," George mumbled, feeling embarressed at the sudden rush of sadness that hit his body.
"Come 'ere." John suddenly demanded as he slipped his arm around George's narrow waist and pulled him in for a cuddle. George's slight body tensed, his breath stopped in his throat.
"George, I really am sorry." John whispered again, as he buried his face into the crook of George's neck. George licked at his lips, trying to calm his racing heart.
"I can 'ear yer 'eart George." John informed him, a wry smile on his thin lips. George cursed, and tried to wiggle away from his mate.
"Stay." John demanded, tightening his grip on the skinny boy.
"Yer as queer for me as I am for you." George finally muttered, allowing John to press his mouth against his neck with some reluctance.
"Took yeh long enough to realize it." John confirmed, and a large smile brightened George's thin face.
"Yeh hide it well," George retorted, goosebumps covering his skin as John's cold hands slipped under his t-shirt and roamed his chest. John rolled his eyes at George's cheekiness, and blew a playful raspberry on his neck.
George giggled quietly, still aware that Aunt Mimi was right down the hall, and swatted John's hands out from his shirt.
"Knock it off Lennon!" he growled, struggling to keep his face serious. John let his hands cup George's chin and he gently lifted his thin face to his own until their lips were millimeters apart. George's brown eyes fluttered close, and he pursed his lips, waiting with high anticipation. From what he had heard from past girlfriends of John, he was a good kisser.
"Goodnight George," George's eyes opened quickly, and he saw with a frown that John was laying down, covers pulled up to his chin.
"B-but we were about to-"
"About to what Harrison?" John teased, a small smile on his lips. George uttered a noise of pure desire before he bent his head and sought out John's lips urgently.
" 'M not playin' yer games Lennon." he murmured happily after they were finished, and John chuckled quietly.
"But the game is the best part," he argued with the half asleep George before he pulled the smaller lad under the covers.
"John..." George warned, his eyes already beginning to close as John held him to his chest.
"Goodnight my love,"  
As you can tell, I'm no good at coming up with endearing titles...So, if you've managed to get passed that, and decided to read this, thanks:D
I'd really appreciate it if you'd comment, and tell me what you thought? <3
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