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A hooded figure swept through the bustling street, green cape flowing behind him. The shouts of merchants filled his ears as he searched intently for the perfect gift for his wife. Fabric to make a new dress perhaps?
No, Haili had enough dresses. Everything his eyes saw seemed to mundane, too common for the love of his life. No, she needed something special, something that could show her how much he loved her the way his words couldn't.
At last, something caught his eye.
It was a necklace, the chain delicate and golden. The pendant that adorned the chain was a heart, obviously hand crafted with careful and skilled fingers. The heart itself was carved out of a deep blue sapphire.
"How much?" he murmured, gesturing towards the jewelery. The merchant turned to look at the face of this potential customar, and gasped when his eyes met sharp, intelligant green ones.
"Prince Loki, I'm terribly sorry for your loss." Loss? What did he mean loss? A painful memory threatened to surface in his mind, and with practiced skill he forced it away.
With a brittle smile, Loki again asked for the price of the jewelry.
"Have it." Loki's eyes widened, his mouth opened to protest because surely the merchant needed the money more than he did, but before he could so much as utter a sound, the necklace was in his hand.
"I insist." Loki's eyes brimmed with thankful tears, a genuine smile pulled at his mouth.
"Thank you dear friend." he whispered, before he began his journey back to the castle.
The merchant watched his disappearing figure with sad eyes and wiped at a few tears that had slipped down his worn cheeks.
"She's going to love it," Loki murmured to himself, heart aflutter at the thought of her smile. He knew exactly how she would react to his gift. First, tears would fill her beautiful brown eyes, a smile would grace her lips. After she murmured her thank you, she would pronounce her undying love for him and then the two would-
The shaking of a baby rattle interrupted his thoughts. Ah! He best purchase a gift for the child blossoming in her womb! Loki chose out a small, red rattle and smiled again.
How excited he was for their first child to bless the world with its presence. Haili was seven months pregnant, her belly large with the child. They had begun to discuss names, and both were partial too Rose if it were a girl, and Thomas if it were a boy.
As he walked through the halls of the castle, he wondered who the baby would resemble most. A part of him hoped it would take after it's mother, for her beauty was well known. As he walked he tried to conjure up images of the child, picturing it a male with Haili's beautiful features and silky brown hair. The eyes would be green, like his own.
"Loki what have you got there?" Thor asked, eyes wary. Loki looked down at the wrapped parcel in his hands, and beamed. Even Thor could not make his happy mood vanish.
"I've purchased a rattle for the baby, and a necklace for-" Thor pulled the parcel away with gentle hands, a sad look on his face. Loki's mouth curled into a sneer.
"What in the name of-"
"Loki, you cannot keep doing this." Loki's eyes blazed with anger, he snatched the parcel bag with quick hands. How dare the oaf try and take the presents for his family!
"I'm sure I have no idea what you're speaking about. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go give these to-"
"The frost giant attack Loki, you must remember it. You were out fighting, she asleep in your chambers with the child in her womb. Somehow a few frost giants managed to slip into the castle undetected and found her, vulnerable. They tore her to bits, ripped the fetus from her belly and watched as the young babe, a boy, died slowly without the nutrients from its deceased mother. Loki, she's dead."
Loki swallowed thickly, his mind fuzzy. A boy? Little Thomas, left dead? His wife, his dear sweet wife shredded? No. He was wrong.
"Stop telling me these lies!" Loki roared, the chords in his neck bulging. This had to be some sort of sick, twisted joke.
"She's gone Loki. You know she is. You cannot keep pretending she's still here with us." Loki's mouth went dry, his hands started to sweat profoundly. Images of her dead body attacked his mind, a cry escaped his lips.
He could see the bloody little fetus, laying curled pathetically on his bed next to the bits of his wife.
"No, she's not dead. She can't be Thor." he sobbed again, the parcel slipping from his hands and hitting the floor with a thud. Thor embraced his brother with comforting arms, tears of his own slipped down his cheeks.
"We were going to have a baby Thor. A beautiful boy." Loki pulled himself from Thor's arms and dropped to the ground in anguish. His whole life, torn away from him by some brutish frost giants. His own kind.
"Loki," Thor murmured, bending to seize his brother by the wrist and gently tow him up from the ground. Loki's green eyes were swollen with tears, and with shame he tugged away from Thor and fled from the room.
Blindly he ran through the halls, searching for the wife he knew was not there. Servants and warriors alike gaped at the sight of him when he ran by, their eyes filled with pity for his lost family.
"Haili. HAILI." Loki screamed as he burst through the door to his chambers. The salty smell of blood assaulted his nose, a cry escaped his lips. So it was true.
She was truly gone. She had left him here to suffer in his own personal hell.
"Damn you!" he moaned into the ground. If only he had stayed, if only the frost giants had been caught.
If only.
Erm, not a very good story, but i thought it was an alright idea. The ending was shit, I apologize for that...but tell me what you think? I normally don't write anything that's not Beatles related so this is sort of a first for me...PEACE & LOVE.
Mrsnoctiscaelum3 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Great story
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thank you:)
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