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Mark David Chapman :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 2 23
The Pancake Batter Battle
The soft sound of footsteps roused George from his deep slumber, and lazily he blinked open his dark eyes to peer languidly at the source of the noise. A lazy smile tugged at his lips as the culprit, a petite, brown haired girl was caught frozen in his stare.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up," Iris whispered, breaking the silence that had engulfed the room. Carefully she climbed onto the large bed and curled up in an impossibly small ball at his side, head leaning on his bare chest.
"Don't be sorry luv," he murmured sleepily, still poisoned with grogginess. Her reassuring warmth seeped into his side and once again he had to remind himself that she was really his. After all the years of waiting on the sidelines, all the years of wiping her tears and listening to her rant about the latest asshole, she finally got it.
"What are you thinking about?" she asked softly, her words tangling in the all too familiar American accent.
"You." he answered truthfully, a playful smile on his mouth
:iconringolove27:RingoLove27 6 6
If only
A hooded figure swept through the bustling street, green cape flowing behind him. The shouts of merchants filled his ears as he searched intently for the perfect gift for his wife. Fabric to make a new dress perhaps?
No, Haili had enough dresses. Everything his eyes saw seemed to mundane, too common for the love of his life. No, she needed something special, something that could show her how much he loved her the way his words couldn't.
At last, something caught his eye.
It was a necklace, the chain delicate and golden. The pendant that adorned the chain was a heart, obviously hand crafted with careful and skilled fingers. The heart itself was carved out of a deep blue sapphire.
"How much?" he murmured, gesturing towards the jewelery. The merchant turned to look at the face of this potential customar, and gasped when his eyes met sharp, intelligant green ones.
"Prince Loki, I'm terribly sorry for your loss." Loss? What did he mean loss? A painful memory threatened to surface in his min
:iconringolove27:RingoLove27 2 2
Mature content
The Alleyway :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 20 30
Mature content
One Night Stand :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 6 8
You Like Me Too Much (and I like you)
The windows of the small flat were dark, the front door locked tightly. She was out, he concluded after a few moments of watching the house for movement. Where she had gone, he wasn't sure, but he knew that it was now or never if he wanted to win her back.
John clutched the bouquet of roses tightly in one of his hands while the other slipped into his trousers pocket and jingled his house keys around nervously. If anyone of her neighbors caught him snooping around the house again, they'd call the police. It had already happened once, and he had gotten extremely lucky when he had escaped them.
Quickly as he could, John reached under the third flower pot to the right, and grasped the key that he knew would be there. He glanced behind him, paranoid that people were watching, and caught glimpse of an elderly women peering through her window at him from across the street.
"Shit." he muttered as his hands fumbled with the keys until finally he unlocked the door and fled into the darkness. The
:iconringolove27:RingoLove27 6 6
Mature content
Suicide :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 7 35
Mature content
Maybe, Maybe Not :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 7 5
Mature content
Valentines day dinner :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 8 10
It was nine o'clock at night, the sky was pitch black save for a few stars here and there. 16 year old George Harrison had just left his fourth show as a Quarrymen band member, accompanied by his steady girlfriend of five months, Julie Sullivan.
The two were quite happy, and in the sort of love that you find yourself plunged into quite suddenly, and without warning. They were kissing and holding hands as they walked slowly down the empty streets of Liverpool, unaware of their surroundings.
Donald Robertson, a newly divorced 54 year old man, had just left a pub around the corner from the one that George had previously played at. He was a bitter old man, filled with regret and hate towards his ex-wife, and for his children who took their mother's side.
This specific night was no different from any other night in Donald's life, as always he slid into his junker of a car, pissed drunk with no thought. The key went into the ignition, and the car roared to life, upsetting a nearby alley cat.
:iconringolove27:RingoLove27 5 11
Mature content
Together, finally. :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 26 35
George's Special Surprise
"John, fer the tenth time, she's just meh best mate. Nothin' more." George grumbled as he strummed thoughtfully on his cheap guitar. John Lennon, band leader and Teddy Boy stood over the lad, watching with interest as his skinny fingers went up a scale with practiced ease.
"Ah, so then yeh won't mind if I give 'er a little Lennon charm tonight?" he teased, as he tried to make the younger boy admit his feelings for Penny. John thought that she was quite pretty, with large green eyes and a sweet smile, but he would never go for it. Something about her seemed too innocent, too pure, and even he couldn't bring himself to corrupt that girl.
"Don't yeh dare." George hissed, finally looking up from the chords and meeting the eyes of John. John quirked an eyebrow at him, and shrugged his broad shoulders.
"No promises there lad," he trailed off, before he lit a ciggarette. George absent mindedly reached for one, but stopped himself when he thought of Penny's disapproving stare. She hated when h
:iconringolove27:RingoLove27 12 27
Mature content
Wrong Decisions :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 7 30
Rain pattered softly on my window pane, interrupting the peaceful silence that I had surrounded myself with. I shivered slightly, and reached for the colorful blanket that was always spread acrossed my bed just for this reason. After adjusting it to drape around my shoulders, I let my eyes stray back to the glowing computer screen.
I can't wait to let myself disappear... I struggled to put in perspective what this meant. To me, it seemed as if the person who  wrote this wanted to run away from it all, just leave behind their life and never be found again. I agreed completely.
There were many things that I wish I could run away from, the number one thing being the past two weeks, but it isn't that easy. It never is. You cannot force your brain to just forget something no matter how desperate you are to forget.
I shut my laptop with gentle hands and let my eyes drift closed. If I concentrated hard enough, I could still see his hazel eyes, sparkling with life. I could feel his r
:iconringolove27:RingoLove27 0 1
Mature content
Paul Objects :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 9 9
Mature content
And I love him :iconringolove27:RingoLove27 14 53


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My head hurts from crying so much and I still haven't gotten anything done.


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